Shiba Universe has developed a product with interactions in the ethereum blockchain, below we will explain in detail the percentages divided
Smart contracts are very necessary tools for our game, security is paramount in shibu token, the distribution of the tokens is done in several groups that contain an essential function in the project.

Pool Dex 70%

Decentralized exchanges are platforms that allow liquidity, swap and other functions, our project is created on the ethereum network and the defi exchange will be uniswap, the main pool will be created with the SHIBU/ETH pair adding 70% of the total supply in liquids

Players Game 20%

All players who request to exchange their game points will be able to access the fund of 20% of the total supply generated, the rewards are for each user who obtains a minimum of points to be able to request the transaction

Strategy Reserves 10%

Shiba Universe, will have 10% reserves that serve to act in any situation that the project requires, including listing in different centralized exchanges, technical development services, maintenance, among others

Team Token Allocation 0%

The distribution of the tokens are distributed to the shiba universe ecosystem, our team will have 0% of the total supply, all the wallets available in etherscan will be produced through purchases made in uniswap


Interacting with smart contracts to make a purchase or sale, has additional commissions that are destined to the marketing and development service, these characteristics are applied to any user who makes a swap in the defi uniswap

Buy tax 5%

Sell tax 5%

LP Block 100%