Organization chart

Shiba Universe is a real-time game that allows you to interact with different players through a web and mobile platform. This game is developed with current technologies and integrated into the Eth


Shiba Universe is created for players of all levels, the game is composed of very intuitive graphics and features that will allow you to understand the organizational mechanics, Shiba Universe has a 2D format and is played through a modern web browser, such as google chrome, Firefox or others, it will also be available for Android & IOS mobile devices

Shibu Army

We know and understand that communities are the essence of any project, shibu army is a small fully decentralized community, the main objective is to make the shibu project known on all its communication platforms, shiba universe is managed and operated by the same holders of shibu token.

Shibu Token

Shibu Token is the main smart contract with a total supply of 70,000,000 Shibus, which is intended 100% for liquids in uniswap, the pair created is SHIBU/ETH, there is only one pool on all dex platforms, we recommend using the correct address for the purchase or sale of the shibu project

xShibu Token

xShibu Token is the stake token, this smart contract is developed to deliver the tokens exchanged by the players who obtained the points in the different tournaments, to obtain xShibu Token it is necessary to count a necessary amount of points in the game and then request the exchange of points per xshibu, this procedure is done manually by each player who requires it.


Tournaments are essential to be able to obtain points through individual or group participation, these tournaments are created by any player in the different universes, each tournament requires at least 1 opponent player.


This game is built with HTML5 and WEB3 technologies, it allows all users to be able to interact, play using ethereum blockchain technology, the game is based on play to earn format, which allows to obtain profits by defeating the opponent.


The marketplace is an open market for any designer who wants to integrate new armor for established characters, the marketplace is a section where points earned can be rewarded for new items and features in the game.