Shiba Universe is a real-time game that allows you to interact with players, via web and mobile platforms. Mixing the best of current web2 and web3 technologies to connect to the Ethereum blockchain.
In order to participate in the game, each user must create an account and be associated with an Ethereum erc-20 wallet. Then the different servers (universes) available, will be displayed in the game.
Participating users can create more than 1 account and associate different wallets. To set up an account in the game, the registration must be done manually. To register, mandatory fields including an email address and username must be completed.
The Shiba Universe interface consists of a range of varied scenes and interesting scenarios. Here players can interact and select any useful items in the markets. Players will be able to monitor their progress throughout the game. They can look out for visual displays of their: - skills - levels - rankings: weekly, monthly and global - earnings: daily, weekly and monthly Interaction with other users in the game takes through global communication using the chat tool. Private communications will also be enabled for players.
Look out for our unique characters: Caryus, Layon, Kara, Nashi, Ryum to name a few. Players will be able to choose suitable armor for their characters to help protect them throughout their adventures.
Each armor has a unique design which represents the level and combat experience of the character. All armors have been created and developed carefully by the Shiba Universe team. Armor can be selected through an internal market. Players will need to choose the most suitable armor to ensure good progression throughout the game.
Rooms can be created by any player. Rooms can be private or public and each room belongs to a unique universe. Players can participate with their team in different rooms. To start the combat it is necessary to have at least 1 player in team A and at least one player team B.
Players can create or join different teams registered in the Shiba Universe. Each team has a global ranking that allows the recognition of the Shiba multiverse. The teams are made up of players registered on the platform
Battles will be between teams or individual players; battles will develop over time. Each user has 100% HP life to begin with. Players will then continue to attack their opponents until they reach 0% HP. These battles take place in different regions of the Shiba multiverse. The winner will achieve rewards in points, these points can then be redeemed in the same marketplace or exchanged for Shibu Tokens.
Points are gained by players participating in the different battles created in the Shiba universe. The points are stored in our centralized servers. Points have two functions either they are:, exchanged in the marketplace for new items, characters, armor or exchanged for Shibu tokens.