Shiba Universe

Official Shiba Universe Whitepaper, last updated April 2022


Shiba Universe is a game created and based on the Shiba Inu dog, we are inspired by this pet to design and create a unique experience that will make you enjoy entertainment on the blockchain, our main developer is a former Shiba Inu developer
We present this project with the aim of supporting decentralized communities in blockchain and allowing the development of innovative products with global interest.


The Wizard Orum is a legendary creation whose origin is unknown and is the main organizer of the Shiba Universe event, every 13 years he makes a random summons in all the universes of any living race. Orum is looking for the next legend for the shiba universe tournament, with his magic and power he teleports players to a multiverse where they are accompanied by their pets, at that moment everyone is dismayed, asking what they are doing here.
The players present look at each other and a voice is heard saying, welcome to the shiba universe, Orum is seen by everyone, at this moment he explains why they were called and what objectives each one has.
Many participants begin to recognize friends, family, and colleagues. generating group conversations and future teams to achieve the desired victory, teams are strategies that allow you to earn points to rank up and level
In this way the adventure begins, where you can find challenges and interesting game features that will make you excited in each game
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